Monday, 21 July 2014

News: Paul Gordon's Gold Dust best-of card magic books and lecture info

Dear Magic Friends, Over 2000 Magicians worldwide are now enjoying Gold Dust, Gold Dust Companion and Gold Dust Finale . In total, the three books contain 350 commercial, doable and powerful worker card tricks spread over nearly 700 jam-packed pages. Top-quality foil-embossed saddle-stitched cloth hardbacks. All three books contain my very best work from nearly 40 years of creating and publishing. And both books contain a lot of new magic. If you haven't got your copies yet, please check out as they won't be available forever. Please see the contents, video clips, reviews etc.

From Vanishing Inc (Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay): Paul Gordon's Gold Dust is enormous and beautiful—150 full routines, 352 pages, gold foil on the covers, and taught with Paul's thoughtful, clear and conversational prose. Here is why we think this is a great book: whether you are a longtime Paul Gordon fan or new to his work, this book is all the best effects over his entire career. Paul has devised lots of clever, strong card magic, peppered throughout his well-reviewed books and pamphlets. Many are rare and now out of print. So to own the very best, in one volume, makes this extremely worthwhile.

Please also see for Paul Gordon's fast-paced lecture full of powerful worker card magic, tips, advice, thoughts and fun. See the reviews by Boris Wild, Aldo Colombini, Harry Lorayne, Walt Lees, Jack Parker, Peter Duffie etc., etc.

Many thanks for reading. Yours, Paul Gordon